What is an Energy Broker?

by Majenica Moles

So, what exactly is an Energy Broker? That’s a great question! Basically, they are similar to a stock broker. They negotiate prices, and services, between consumers and energy producers. Basically, an energy broker helps you get the best deal on your electric utilities bill, just like a real estate agent will provide information about the housing market, so that you are getting the best price on a home.

What do they do?

On the business side, energy brokers work with companies to minimize day-to-day operational expenses, but for home residents, energy brokers help lower monthly electricity bills. Pretty much everyone needs utilities of some sort, whether it be electricity or gas. These things are a way of life, and are needed to operate appliances or heat your home. They will arrange services between consumers and the utility providers.

How are they paid?

An energy broker doesn’t get a regular paycheck, but rather they operate on a commission basis. The amount of money they earn is directly related to the amount of work and/or sales they complete. This is the same as a real estate agent or stock broker. They work on a commission basis as well.

Energy brokers usually work in a regular office.  A start-up firm may have less than 50 employees, which means an entry-level energy broker might need to perform some minor operational duties. Careers at a large brokerage firm may require international travel or relocating to a foreign country. That actually sounds like an interesting career!

Energy Broker Software

What is energy broker software? It is software that will assist in all aspects of energy brokering. It can be a great asset to companies, saving them time and money. The software will help you keep track of things such as how your budget is performing, and what expenses you might have. Basically, it helps you run a more efficient company.




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