We all dread the time that comes. I mean, who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a roof? I know that we have been putting off a new roof for a few years now, because it’s a rather large expense. There are many things that one must go through when it comes time for a new roof. Let’s take a look at some tips for getting a new roof.


You want to make sure you are doing a comparison¬† between 3-4 companies when it comes to your roofing needs. You don’t want to go with the first company you come to, because you could very well be making a huge mistake! If you just pick a company all willy nilly, without checking them out, you could be asking for trouble. There are so many companies out there, that it can be hard to choose. You want trusted roofing contractors, such as Westchase Roofing in Tampa.


Don’t be afraid to ask for references from the roofing companies. You are spending, basically, the cost of a new car on your roof. You need to be sure the company is the right one for the job. You want to ask for both professional references as well as customer references. You might be surprised what they will tell you, that you won’t find in the company brochure! They are likely to tell you things such as whether they stayed on track with getting the job done on time, and the quality of the finished job.


You definitely want to compare pricing of 3-4 companies. There is bound to be a considerable price difference between them, so be sure to look at the other areas as well. If you have a company that is more than, say 25% lower price than the others, that might give pause. You definitely want to see what those references look like!


This goes along with references, but is going to be a little more telling. People tend to let loose on the internet and they will tell it to you straight. You will want to check several places online. There are several review websites, such as Yelp and Angie’s List. You will also want to check out social media websites. Social media will probably be the best place to find honest reviews of the companies you are looking for.

Employee Turnover

This one might seem a little weird, but, trust me, you will want to know this. If a company has a high turnover rate, there is likely a chance that your work won’t be completed on time or in a quality manner. Think about it. If a company has to keep hiring and training new employees, they aren’t going to have time to stay on track. It also makes you wonder about the quality of the company itself, to be honest.

Really, there are so many things to look at when you need a new roof, that it’s hard to list them all. These items above are just a few of the most important (in my opinion) things you need to look at. These are the same guidelines I am currently following in a quest for my own roof.


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