Why do I want to be a business owner? To me, that’s a question that has many answers. There are so many reasons why I want to own my own business. Let’s start with the most obvious. Being a business owner means I’m my own boss. I answer to nobody but myself, and I don’t have a lot of rules and regulations to follow. I understand that companies have rules and regulations for a reason, because safety is a must. I don’t mean that I would be unsafe or do stupid things. There are, however, some rules that companies have that seem silly to me. For instance, some companies have a strict bathroom use policy. To me, that’s the craziest thing ever! I mean, who can tell their body to not have to use the bathroom because it isn’t time? If I were a business owner, my employees would be allowed to use the bathroom when they need.

Another reason I want to be a business owner, is to have more control over how much money I make. I don’t want to be stuck at a job paying me $9 an hour, when I could make so much more as a business owner. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that I wouldn’t be rolling in the money. It takes time to build up a business, and there are expenses and employees to pay. But, most likely, I would be making much more than that $9 an hour job!

Another reason I want to be a business owner is because I’ve dreamt my whole life about owning my own restaurant or pizza place. My husband wants to own a bowling alley, and it would be awesome to combine the two! Imagine being able to cook and make money doing it! I absolutely love to cook and being able to have my own eatery would just be fantastic!

Having said that, though, there are so many things that come with being a business owner. Some people might not be able to handle the stress of the paperwork or taxes and such. I get that, because it can be very stressful. For me, however, taxes and paperwork is my specialty! Doing those things is when I’m most relaxed, as crazy as that sounds! I do our personal taxes each year and used to work for a tax prep business. There are some great tools and such for business owners to use. Having a company help reach your target audience, or consumer, is a great place to start! Pronexis is an example of one such company. They can help you target your needs and be successful!

The most important reason I want to be a business owner, is to be with my family more. If I owned my own business, my husband wouldn’t have to work, and we could spend time as a family, even if we were taking care of our business.

What are your dreams and aspirations? Do you want to be a business owner? Why or why not? What obstacles do you think would be in your way? I’m curious to know what is holding you back. Like most of us, it’s likely financial reasons. That’s why I’m not a business owner yet, but hopefully I will be someday.



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