Women In The Business Industry

by Majenica Moles

I am sure that many don’t realize how tough it can be for a woman in the business industry. If a woman wants to start her own business, it seems that she has to jump through many more hoops than her male counterpart. While this is certainly not fair, unfortunately, it’s the way it is.

Women & Business

When a woman decides to start a business, and needs to acquire funding, this is when the hurdles begin. Women are less likely than men to get funding, which makes it very difficult to get started. She cannot get inventory, or hire employees without funds. According to a study done by Babson College, less than 3% of venture-capital-funded companies had a female CEO.

Why is it so difficult for a woman to get their funding? There really isn’t a clear cut answer to this. Maybe men tend to lean towards helping other men. Maybe they are “old school” and don’t think women should be in the business world, but rather at home taking care of the children. I know that sounds sexist, but it was meant to.

Should Women Stay At Home?

That brings me to the next point. In the business world, men aren’t very receptive to having women competitors. Maybe it stems from “back in the day” when women weren’t part of the work world. There was a time that women stayed at home, whether they had children to tend to or not. That’s what was expected of them at that time, and it wasn’t questioned.

Women who have children at home are pressured about working outside the home. This puts a lot of undue pressure on them to balance the work and family dynamic. Even though they are balancing it great, others might see it differently. They might say that she is spending too much time at work and not enough at home, which is going to put stress on her to do more at home. There are only so many hours in the day, and we, as women, have to sleep sometime!

Inspiring Others

Now, some women will run a business out of their homes, to help balance that work and home life. This is a great idea, if the business you are in is flexible like that. There are several MLM, or Multi Level Marketing, companies that make this a possibility. Origami Owl is a great one! Origami Owl was founded by a mother and daughter, and they offer beautiful jewelry. Chrissy Weems and her daughter, Bella, offer the ability to become an Origami Owl Designer, and earn an income. They want to inspire women, and help build them up. They even offer several options for starting with them, that is sure to fit your budget!

Companies like Origami Owl help make it possible for women to have it both: business and home. It can be hard for a woman to make it in a “man’s world” sometimes, and it shouldn’t be this way. I love that there are companies out there who inspire and assist women in building themselves up, instead of tearing them down.







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