#1 in Service Credit Card Holder Review

I have the habit of carrying a coin purse rather than a regular wallet. In that coin purse is my debit cards, store cards, drivers license, etc. Just sitting there in a jumbled up mess. When I go to pay for something, it takes me a few minutes to sort through and get my debit card. It’s just a mess! These handy credit card holders by #1 in Service make it easier to store your cards and protect your identity at the same time. They have an RFID blocker built into them to prevent anyone from stealing your credit card information electronically. Since I don’t carry much in the way of credit and debit cards, I decided to use them for other things as well, such as insurance cards, store cards, drivers license, etc. They have a place on the front of them to write what you are storing there, so that you can just look in your wallet/coin purse and be able to easily see what you need. The set comes with 10 card holders and 2 passport holders. I received this product in exchange for an honest review. You can find themĀ here.


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