One of the most essential parts of a woman’s closet is lingerie and it is also perhaps the toughest to shop. You will probably not want to settle for anything but the best because an ill-fitted bra can ruin even the best outfit. From size to price, fit, fabric and comfort, everything matters a lot. So how do you choose the one that looks awesome and feels awesome as well? Here is a list of dos and don’ts from experts that you can follow the next time you go lingerie shopping.

Do get sized up by an expert

Size matters the most when it comes to buying the best fitted bras. So the first advice would be to head straight for a local lingerie boutique for fitting by an expert. Alternatively, you can reference a sizing guide that most of the online lingerie websites have. The right measurement ensures a perfect fit every time you pick your lingerie, online or offline.

Do prioritize comfort as well

While measuring up and knowing your size matters, comfort is equally important. Certain bra styles may be best for your body shape and you will probably be more comfortable wearing them. Look for one that fits snugly, without skin gaping at the cups or elsewhere. Don’t just get hooked to the size because there may be variations brand-wise.

Do opt for the right fabric

High-quality fabrics in lingerie are absolutely mandatory because they simply caress your skin. Plus quality promises durability, which means that you get value for money from such garments. The Feather Bra has breathable underwear that is made of fabric which offers the ultimate comfort during all weather conditions. And you can also invest in some lace, satins, and silks for those special occasions.

Don’t be afraid of experimentation

If you are a true fashionista, it should reflect not only in your outfits but also what you wear beneath. Don’t shy away from experimenting with colors, prints, and styles in bras because there are incredible options out there. Just build a collection from the ground up and try a new piece that matches your mood for the day.

Don’t buy before trying

Even if you are sure about your bra size and style, don’t ever buy before trying. You may end up wasting your money on lingerie that looks fabulous but does not give you the fit you would want. In case you are shopping lingerie online, go through the return and exchange policy once before ordering, just in case the product does not match your expectations.

Don’t cringe on your budget

If you think that you should buy cheap just because your lingerie is not visible, you are absolutely wrong. Don’t ever settle for poor quality just to save up some bucks. Rather, invest in quality products that give your great fits week after week. Make sure that you take good care of the garments with regular hand wash routine and they will probably last long enough to justify the investment.

Be sure to buy lingerie that you would love to wear, instead of picking pieces with the mindset of just anything that you can wear underneath. Following this list of dos and don’ts will definitely help!


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