Following celebrity fashion is a popular trend these days. With the advent of social media trendsetting and influencer marketing, such tips are now easily available to the ardent fashionistas to stay up to date. Be it a corporate event or a social gathering, the following tips from celebrity stylists will help you ace any look with confidence. 

You need for versatile wardrobe pieces – Erin Walsh

According to the NYC-based celebrity stylist Erin Walsh, you should pack your wardrobe with versatile pieces that you wear with almost everything. For example, you should invest in a perfectly –fitting blazer, a cropped jacket, and probably a smoky jacket to don with your favorite pair of jeans or dress. 

You should also have your favorite jeans in different shades and consider including a white masculine-type shirt in your wardrobe to pair up with your jeans. 

Don’t dress for men, it’s boring – Diane Kruger

The stylish model-turned-actor feels that you shouldn’t dress up to please men. She also thinks that most women dress up for other women to be jealous, as it’s quite easy to please the men. The more you show some skin, the better they will like your outfit. In an interview, she also revealed that she prefers to pick her clothes by herself rather than opting for a stylist. 

The block heels are empowering – Kat Maconie

The British stylist, who is famous for designing Taylor Swift’s amazing and crazy fashionable shoes, feels that the block heels are quite empowering for every woman, besides being comfortable to walk in. She also favors both high heels and flats and is a huge fan of Christopher Kane, a popular Scottish fashion designer. She seeks inspiration from his use of shades, as well as his innovative approach to detail and design.  

Risk never scared me – Kate Hudson

The actor-turned-entrepreneur has a whole lot of fashion hacks to offer to the stylish women of the 21st century. She feels that the athletic outfit should be personalized according to lifestyle choices and preferences, You can visit here to know about the fashion preferences of more such celebrities. Hudson is also the co-founder of a popular fashion brand for activewear.

Sequins are in – Scarlett Johansson

Do you remember how mesmerizing the Black Widow looked in her silver-sequined outfit at the premiere of ‘Avengers: Endgame’? Well, the female actor had also worn a similar outfit at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, only the sequins were red that time and adorned her Celine gown in absolute marvel. So that’s how she spells it clearly for us that sequins don’t fail to impress at any event. 

Minimalism is the key – Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games fame actor has always donned a minimalist look with super confidence, making us believe that minimalism can be fashionable if you pair the right things up in the right way. Whether it’s her sharp blazer and patent brogues with a white slip dress, or her double denim appearance with an oversized jacket, she has always been a trendsetter for minimalist fashion. 

So which celebrity fashion tip are you going to following the next few months? No matter what you choose to wear, stay updated, as the trends keep on changing. 


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