Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble BathReview

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath is a three in one product. It is a bubble bath, shampoo and body wash all in one. This eliminates multiple bottles piling up, and keeps your shower free of clutter. It comes in a nice size, 7.5 oz bottle for the whole family to share. It only takes a little amount, so it will last a while. The first time I tried this I was frustrated, frenzied, and more than a little worked up. I had a miserable day, and was ready for it to be done. I went in to take a long, hot shower, and decided to try this stuff out. The first thing I noticed was the amber color, and the thickness that was like honey. It has a smooth, calming scent that has a hint of chamomile and lemon. The scent is pleasing, and neutral enough for the whole family to enjoy using. It contains calendula, chamomile, and oat for soothing. Oat actually helps to relieve eczema, while the calendula moisturizers and soothes dry skin. Find it here.


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