Cardio Tech Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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The Cardio Tech Blood Pressure Monitor by Ozeri is a very handy gadget to have. It is a wrist cuff, which makes it easier to get on than a regular arm cuff. It can be very difficult getting an arm cuff adjusted by yourself. It will hold up to 90 readings per person for 2 people. This makes it great for my Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law to use. When I got this, it just happened that they needed one, so this is going to be gifted to them to use 🙂 The readings are accurate, as I have a regular arm cuff monitor as well, and I have compared the readings. One thing that I like about this monitor is that it will give you an indicator if your blood pressure is too high. There is a nifty indicater right on the screen that tells you whether your blood pressure is normal, slightly high, or in the hypertension range. Overall, this is a great product. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review and all opinions are my own.
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