Deli Silicone Pastry Mat Review and GIVEAWAY!!

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The Deli Silicone Pastry Mat is quite a kitchen tool to have! It has many uses, and I think you will love it! On one side, there are measurements for spacing cookies and such to bake. On the backside you will find several sizes of circles to measure pie crust and such. This is heat resistant, meaning you can bake directly on the mat. It won’t melt, and it will cook your cookies perfectly! No more guessing whether the cookies are the same size, or if you spaced them far enough apart. You can also follow the guidelines to form a cookie into a heart or bear. How cool is this??? It’s super easy to clean up, just use soap and water and you can let it air dry. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 
And now, you can own one, too!!! Just comment with your favorite cookie to be entered! If you want to earn a second entry, you can follow my blog over on the right side of the page 🙂 This contest will close at noon EST, Wednesday September 9.
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