Easy@Home No Contact Thermometer Review

The Easy@Home thermometer is very nice. It can take the temperature on foreheads, without having to actually touch the forehead. This means that you won’t have to wake your little ones to take a temperature! Yay!! It will also tell you the temperature of a room or a surface. For me, the biggest advantage is the fact that it is no contact. I have a son who has autism and sensory processing disorder. He does not like to be touched. At all. This thermometer means no more fighting him to take his temperature when he isn’t feeling well! I also used this on my husband after his accident, to make sure he wasn’t developing a fever, which would be a sign of infection in his foot. I was able to sneak in and take his temperature without waking him when he was resting. I also tried this on my house, to make sure the temperature was accurate after putting in a new thermostat. It works wonderfully!! It literally will give you an almost instant read! No waiting for 2 or three minutes for it to read, or having to hold a thermometer under the tongue. It is actually fun to use, as I have been going around taking everyone’s temperature and testing the surface temperature of my counters and such. I even tried to take my cat’s temperature…haha!! It really is a great product! I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own.


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