Do you remember building a fort when you were a kid? When we built our fort, we would put two kitchen chairs together and drapes sheets over them. We thought they were the absolute best and most fun ever! Of course, over the years, forts have taken on a different look.

Some people build a fort outside with wood. Some have even used a tent as a fort, whether it be a regular camping tent or a child’s play tent. But what if I told you that you could have a fort that doubles as a couch for your child(ren)? Really! I’m not kidding!

Instagram: FiggyPlay


Figgy Play

Figgy Play has this amazing play couch that allows children to transform it into a play fort!  The Figgy play couch includes 4 base cushions, 2 rectangles, and the option to add an extra wedge and separate waterproof liners. This means that anything is possible when playing with it! There is Velcro to attach the cushions together, which means easy assembly for kiddos.

A benefit for the parents is the fact that the covers are machine washable, so you can keep it looking great! It is made with 100% polyester suede that has a waterproof layer. This is great for those spills from juice boxes and such. Look, we all know that at least one kid is going to spill the juice box, or a popsicle. It’s just the natural way of life. But, with the waterproof lining, you can easily clean it up or throw the liner in the wash. Easy peasy!

Instagram: FiggyPlay

How We Use It

Now, we don’t have little kiddos in our house all the time. However, I did set this up for when we have kiddos that visit. This is something they can play with while they are here, and in between times, it seems as if it will make a great couch for the kitties. Who knew?! I set it up and the kitties took right to it, and absolutely love having a couch to lounge on! Sweet Sassy even likes using the included wedge as a pillow! Yes, I know this isn’t a cat bed, but honestly, everyone in the house can enjoy this!

It doesn’t have to be only little kiddos. For instance, my son is 21, but he is autistic, and has intellectual disability. He still thinks like a child, and this is perfect for him to use. It is large enough that he can build a fort and sit inside. Barely, though, because he is six feet tall, haha! But you get what I am saying. 

I really love that you can order additional pieces for this. You can also order additional covers, so you don’t have the same color all the time. You could even mix and match covers on the different pieces and have a colorful set! Overall, this is a fantastic play set to have for your littles, or in my case, my bigs and my kitties!


"Time spent with cats is never wasted." ~ Sigmund Freud