Gifts For Kids #HolidayGiftGuide2019

On this page you will find gifts for infant through pre-teen 🙂 **This post may contain affiliate links, and all items were sent to me by the brand.

Gifts For Kids #HolidayGiftGuide2019


ORB Slimi Cafe Squishie 

What kid doesn't like playing with slime? This give them so much fun and amusement! Squishie toys and slime? Yes, please!

The Slimi Cafe Squishy consists of individual squishy elements, which you can create and decorate from the bottom to top with the Slimi Cafe decorative coverings.

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Slimi Cafe ORB Soft'n Slo Squishies Drizzlerz 

These are the perfect "decoration" tools for your Slimi Cafe Squishies!

Combine specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™ with revolutionary ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings—Jameez, Drizzlerz, Fluffiwhipz and Swirleez—to make slimi, squishy masterpieces.

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ORB Morphimals 

These are so much fun to play with! You can bend them, squeeze them, stretch them!

Transform your world with morphimals, the ever-changing, bendable toys that completely express themselves. 

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Creation Crate Mood Lamp Project

This is the perfect c++ project for beginners. You’ll learn how to write your own computer program in the Arduino language (C/C++), and be introduced to beginner electronic components that will be used to build your Mood Lamp.You will learn:

What are Comments and Variables?

What’s a Microcontroller?

How to write code that controls the LEDs.

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Newborn Baby Development Toys for Bonding Through Play

Designed for Playing Together From Day One 

Babies love the touch of the super soft tail and you’ll love the smiles and coos

Use the feather-like tail to tickle and caress or calm and soothe

Pick Up & Play Handle makes it easy for Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Siblings to play gently with even the tiniest of newborns

Unlike other toys meant for babies who can sit up, grab for things, or move around, Yoee Baby is a toy you can start using right away

Fabrics, Sounds and Textures Engage Baby's Senses

Irresistibly Touchable Sensory Tail

Gentle Rattle & Crinkles

Silicone Teether

Playful Character

Super Soft Fabrics

High Contrast Colors

Chew-Safe Tag

100% Baby Safe and Toxin-Free

Rigorously Safety Tested to Highest International Standards


No Phthalates

Machine Washable

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The Believer From Skrible

Wow! Get ready to dazzle everyone with this eye-catching unicorn pencil case.

The Believer is stylish, durable and offers functionality with plenty of storage space. 

Zippered compartment to keep your stationery safe and secure

2 elastic mesh compartments and 6 pen slots to stay organized

Polyurethane outer, polyester lining

Designed in Canada, made in China

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BuddyPhones PLAY

With all of your favorite features, you come to expect from BuddyPhones, the BuddyPhones PLAY was created with fun-loving kids in mind and is among the best kids' headphones ever made. The PLAY comes packed with four distinct SafeAudio listening modes, connects wirelessly with over 14 hours of battery life and provides kid-proof durability to handle the toughest of kids!

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