Gifts For The Home #HolidayGiftGuide2019

In here you will find gifts for the home 🙂 **This post may contain affiliate links, and all items have been sent to me by the brand.

Gifts For The Home #HolidayGiftGuide2019


Silhouette America

The Silhouette Mint™ is the most innovative and powerful custom stamping system on earth. The machine’s special thermal printing ability lets you create 3D reliefs of custom designs on Mint stamp sheets. Simply apply Mint inks to your stamp and you are ready to roll. Stamp up to 50 times before reapplying your Mint ink. 

Design it, Mint it, ink it, stamp it

The Mint system is driven by powerful custom software, Mint Studio™ (included with purchase). WIth Mint Studio™, you can create the perfect stamp by doing any one of the following:

Import images to create a stamp

Turn photos into an amazingly detailed stamps

Turn designs from the Silhouette Design Store into stamps

Use any font from your computer to create custom text for your stamp

Create your own design

As you can see, with this bundle, I received 5 additional stamps and 14 additional inks. I have been using it, and I'm in love! The Mint makes it so easy to make personalized stamps!

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Anova Precision Cooker Nano

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The Anova Precision® Cooker Nano makes it easy to achieve restaurant-quality cooking results at home. The Anova Precision® Cooker Nano connects to your phone with Bluetooth, so you can cook amazing meals with the touch of a button and monitor progress from another room. Check out the Anova Culinary App for recipes and guides to get you inspired in the kitchen. Cook like a pro with the Anova Precision® Cooker Nano.


Cook from your phone with Bluetooth 4.2

Max cook size of 5 Gal / 20 L

750 watts heats your water fast

12.8″ tall

± 0.1° precision

Includes Anova App

1000+ recipes

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Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser

The Innovia® Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser less waste and the hands free operation means less risk of cross contamination ∙The towel dispenser gives you the exact amount of paper towels you need then automatically retracts any excess towels ∙Unit allows to easily load any standard household paper towel roll with one hand ∙ It works with Brawny® and Sparkle® paper towels

Product Features

Hands-free operation means less risk of cross contamination. Just wave your hand in front of the sensor and it will dispense a paper towel. Unused sheets automatically retract back into the dispenser

Works with most household paper towel brands, including Brawny® Pick-A-Size Paper Towels and Sparkle® Pick-A-Size® Paper Towels.

Powered by included AC adapter or 4 D-Cell batteries (batteries sold separately)

Sleek design to complement your kitchen decor

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Also includes a one-year limited warranty

Free Shipping

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Cubii Jr.

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A seated elliptical which lets you get a workout in without sacrificing time. Features a built in display monitor to track your workouts.   For a Bluetooth enabled Cubii please select the Cubii Pro or Elite.

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.308 Bullet Whiskey Glass From Lucky Shot USA

You can drink confidently from one of our bullet embedded glasses because we only use bullets that have been specially produced for added safety. The bullets do not contain any lead or powder residue. If you're looking to score some James Bond style bragging rights, keep the safety facts to yourself. However the mood strikes, when you set this glass down on the bar, you can be sure it'll make a statement.

Dimensions: 3.5” tall and 2.75” in diameter

Hand embedded with a genuine, lead-free, solid copper .308 bullet.

Bullets manufactured from pure copper from Lehigh Defense in Pennsylvania, USA

Borosilicate Glass
Holds a 10 oz pour
Handwash only
Glass imported
Assembled in the USA

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9MM REAL Bullet Earplugs From Lucky Shot USA

9MM REAL Bullet Earplugs from Lucky Shot USA! Noise Reducing Earplugs made from genuine 9MM bullet casings and comes with a convenient carrying case to keep your earplugs safe and dust-free. These earplugs have an impressive noise reduction rate of 27, making them your “go-to” ear protection, and the perfect earplugs to use while shooting at the gun range. Look like a true “Gunny” and latch Lucky Shot USA’s 9MM Bullet Earplugs to your keyring today!

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.40 Caliber Nickel Bullet Valve Stem Caps From Lucky Shot USA

Made from a genuine once-fired, America made .40 caliber round. Set includes 4 valve stem caps. 

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Fabric Markers- Crafts 4 ALL

PREMIUM QUALITY- This 24 pack Professional Grade Fabric Pen Set includes a wide selection of rainbow,earth and fluorescent colors and uses a DEEPLY RICH PIGMENTED German fabric dye ink producing the HIGHEST COLOR PIGMENT RETENTION and create DIY crafts that looks unique and lasts longer than ever before.

SUPER VERSATILITY- Has a fine writer bullet-tip for doodling, outlining, thick writing, sketching,underlining,easy color picking, creative decorating,pro-grade calligraphic writing or any DIY project on fabrics or paper. Artist or amateur, adult or kid, just let the bright colors delight your life.Less messier than fabric paint.

UNLIMITED CREATIVITY & PERFECT GIFT- Designed for use on any fabric these markers will let your creativity shine. Perfect for wall art, clothing, handbags, placemats, canvas, sneakers,bibs,baby gear and many more!!!

EASIEST & BEST VALUE FABRIC MARKERS – Fabric marker kit is CHILD SAFE, Non-Toxic, Fade Proof, Weatherproof, Light Fast & Washerproof, guaranteeing your art retains its original beauty, regardless of light, time or weather.

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Budweiser Glass Beer Bottle Soy Wax Candle 716 Candle Co.

This candle has the Apple & Maple Bourbon candle in it. This is a great gift for the beer lover on your list!

Each candle is approximately 8-10 oz and has over 40 hours of burn time.

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Bud Light Glass Beer Bottle Soy Wax Candle 716 Candle Co.

For this candle, the scent is Santa's Cookies. It smells like Christmas!

Each candle is approximately 8-10 oz and has over 40 hours of burn time.

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Coors Light Beer Can Soy Wax Candle 716 Candle Co.

This candle has the Peppermint Eucalyptus candle in it. This is a great gift for the beer lover on your list!

Each candle is approximately 8-10 oz and has over 40 hours of burn time.

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Guinness Draught Glass Beer Bottle Soy Wax Candle

This candle has the Coffee candle in it. This is a great gift for the beer lover on your list!

Each candle is approximately 8-10 oz and has over 40 hours of burn time.

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Truman's Starter Kit

Get a Truman’s Starter Kit and tackle virtually all of your home’s hard surfaces with just four 27 oz non-toxic spray cleaners: Everything and the Kitchen Sink, Floors Truly, The Glass Is Always Cleaner and More Shower to You. 

What do you get with a Truman’s Starter Kit (besides the envy of friends and family)? Four empty bottles and four amazing refill cartridges.

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microbiHOME™ bundle From Counter Culture

Counter Culture Probiotic Products are powered by good bacteria and the beneficial compounds they produce that effectively break down dirt and grime. Unlike many other cleaners, ours are plant- and probiotic-based with no man-made chemicals and scented only with essential oils—no colors, allergens, or fake fragrances.

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Stay Lit - Meditation From Reverse Karma

Each incense sets a silent timer where you can take time to meditate, read a book, cook dinner, dance around the house, creating or whatever you choose to to.

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Elephant Wooden Incense Holder From Reverse Karma

Wooden coloured incense holder

Holder used for burning up to 11" incense sticks.

Collects ashes after burning.

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Lotsa Style Plastic Mini Wastebasket 

This is the perfect little trash can for the car! It can be used to put all of your wrappers and such in it, keeping your car looking clean.

Lotsa Style's plastic mini wastebasket trash can sits elegantly on your countertop and fits perfectly in your bathroom, kitchen, office and living room as well.

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