Growpetz Retractable Dog Leash Review

This retractable dog leash by Growpetz is pretty amazing! Most retractable leashes are flimsy and break easily. With this leash, it has a very strong handle so that you are keeping your grip, preventing your dog from getting loose. The color is beautiful, and is a great contrast with the bright green of the actual leash. I had the opportunity to take care of my neighbor’s dog, Macy, who is a golden retreiver. I used this leash to take her for a walk. She absolutely loved it! It gives her plenty of room to roam around, but not so much room that she will run into the street. She liked that it tugged slightly, rather than yanking on her. I loved that it was strong enough to hold a retriever who has lots of energy! This leash was definitely a hit! I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.


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