Kitchen Mastery Silicone BBQ Grill Gloves

I have been asked to review the Kitchen Mastery Silicone BBQ Gloves. These gloves have a cute design on them- little hearts molded into them all over. They are orange in color. These gloves are heat resistant up to 425 degrees. They can be used for grilling, microwaveable dishes, oven use, and many household things! These can be used to change light bulbs, to prevent getting burned. They can be used to put wood into fireplaces or wood burning stoves, they can be used when defrosting freezers. They really are versatile. They have easy clean up- just throw them in the dishwasher. It really doesn’t get easier than that! They won’t retain the smells from previous uses. I love that they have a five finger design,Mather than the mitten-like design, as it allows for better gripping. They are lightweight and fit a range of hand sizes. They can be found here,  on


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