Koraza Glass Protector from Sentey Review

This stuff is the bomb! Usually when I get a screen protector, I just lose money because when I put it on it is so full of air bubbles that it is pretty much worthless. With the Koraza glass, it was amazing! I used the cleaning wipe that came with it and cleaned my screen very well. Then I took the backing off of the glass and positioned it on my iPad screen. It comes with a small smoothing card to get air bubbles out with, but it wasn’t even needed. When I placed the glass on my iPad, it basically suctioned itself to my iPad and sucked all of the air bubbles out!!! I was in awe! It is so smooth, and I can’t even tell it is on there. I love the level of protection that I get with this glass. I have kids that like to use it, and I am not the most graceful of people..lol. So this give me a sense of relief! I will definitely be using the Koraza glass exclusively!  I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 


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