Momma Bear Gender Reveal Test Review

So you are pregnant. You wait impatiently until you are about 20 weeks along so you can get an ultrasound to find out if you are having a cute little girl or a handsome little boy. Then the big day gets here. You drink a million gallons of water to prepare, you go into the little room and climb onto the table. The technician starts pushing on your stomach with their magic wand, and bam! Babies legs are crossed and they are not revealing! They are not giving up this information without a fight! What do you do? You turn to Momma Bear of course!  This is a simple urine test, usually done in the morning. You just pee in a cup, and use the syringe to put some urine into the test tube. Then you wait a couple of minutes and if the crystals are purple, you are having a girl. If the crystals are green, you are expecting a boy. It’s that easy! The Momma Bear Gender Reveal test has proven accuracy. So, if your baby isn’t being cooperative, turn to Momma Bear for help! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  You can find it on Amazon, here.


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