Naturalico Rechargeable Electronics Callus Remover Review

So, I went and got a pedicure on Wednesday. Then, then next day, I received this callus remover from Naturalico. I didn’t even realize how much dry callused skin was still on my heels, even after a “professional” pedicure. My heels were still dry and cracked. S, I sat down and used this Callus remover and now my heels are nice and smooth.  This callus remover did what an expensive pedicure was supposed to do, and for a fraction of the cost! This is a fantastic product that is going to save you lots of money! It comes with a second head so that you can change it out, when it eventually needs it. The roller on there is amazing, and should last a very long time.  For me, there is no reason to go get the salon pedicures when I can do it better at home! I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Find it here.


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