Pratisphere Ice Sphere Molds Review

Where have these been all of my life?? I absolutely love the awesome balls of ice that these molds produce. It really makes a plain drink, like soda, into a fancy looking drink. They are so easy to use, too. Just fill them to the line and pop the top on them, then pop them into the freezer! When they are frozen, you just pop them out of the mold and into your glass. The ice spheres don’t melt as quickly as regular cubed ice, so it won’t leave you with a watered down drink! I’m not gonna lie, I was holding the sphere in my hand and ogling It was just really fascinating! I made some iced coffee this morning and popped one of these bad boys in there. It was nice to be able to finish my drink without it being watery and gross. I received this product in exchange for an honest review. They are available¬†here.


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