Red Carpets & White Lies Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Lea Black did a fantastic job with this book! It’s full of glamourous balls, galas, country clubs, etc. Many celebrities are mentioned in this book, along with a lot of very wealthy non-famous people. The gist of it, is the Leigh White is the annual gala planner. She always throws over the top galas, and raises a tremendous amount of money for kids. She had decided that this year, her ninth year, would be her last and handed in her resignation. Meanwhile, everyone around her is begging her to do another. She concedes and decides to do a tenth, vowing to make it her best one yet. The people around her are full of secrets and maniplulations. One friend has a husband who is psychiatrist to everyone, and his wife decides to listen to his session tapes, then gossips about them. Another friend decides to manipulate her husband into not leaving her by secretly adopting a child. The list just goes on and on. If you love scandals, you will love this book!!  What’s better is that you can WIN this book!! 
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own. 
To be entered for this giveaway, you MUST FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG. After you have done that, leave a comment with the email address you used to follow/subscribe and I will verify, and you will be entered to win this wonderful book!!!  This giveaway will end at NOON EST on FRIDAY, AUGUST 14. Winner announced shortly thereafter.
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