Stocking Stuffers & Misc. ~ Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Stocking Stuffers & Misc.

In here is where you will find ideas for stocking stuffers, as well as miscellaneous gifts that don’t belong in any other category 🙂 Everyone is always looking for the perfect stocking stuffers, so it’s my mission to bring you just that!

Little Sloth Saves The Day Christmas Bunting, $25
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This is absolutely adorable! As you can see in the first picture, I hung it with my candy canes, making a super cute Christmas decoration. It’s very well made, and very easy to store away when needed 🙂

These tiny buntings are the perfect addition to warm your Christmas festivities! They make beautiful modern tree ornaments or wreath decorations. Great for cozy spaces and anyone traveling for the holidays, their small footprint makes it so they can easily be packed away and brought out for years to come!

• Flags are roughly 1.25 in by .75 in each (3.2 cm x 1.9 cm) and the bunting arrives strung on about three feet of white thread.
• They are ideal to decorate wreaths, trees, doorways, mantles, shelves, bar carts, and tablescapes!
• Listing is for one bunting only.

– Size and Specs
The bunting will come on roughly three feet of white thread and the flags are just wider than a dime – roughly 1.25 inches tall by .75 inches wide. They are strung rather than stitched which gives you the freedom to shift the letters closer together or further apart to differentiate the words as you wish. Embossed phrases appear on one side only.

Hotshot Starter Kit, $79.99
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The Hotshot 12 Pack Starter Kit is ideal for people looking for an easier, tastier way to enjoy their coffee on the go. The Hotshot starter kit includes everything you need to make your life more convenient, including 12 delicious cans of Hotshot and the Hotbox hot fridge with patented convection heating technology.
As featured on Shark Tank, Hotshot artfully blends the finest, high quality ingredients in the convenience of an insulated can to deliver a consistently tasty beverage, ready to go when you are.
After years of development Hotshot has created 3 excitingly smooth flavors that are sure to please your taste buds. Choose from:
Black Sumatra Coffee – Hotshot Black Sumatra coffee uses the essence of natural Sumatra beans, the finest part of the bean, through a special extraction process for an incredibly smooth and complex flavor.
French Vanilla – Hotshot French Vanilla coffee uses the essence of natural Sumatra beans and high quality ingredients to deliver a smooth, creamy, flavorful and aromatic low acid coffee.
Hot Chocolate – Made from the finest Belgian cocoa, Hotshot Hot Chocolate delivers a rich deep flavor with a hint of creamy sweetness that’s sure to please.
★ Includes 1 Hotbox and 12 ready to drink cans.
★ Incredibly convenient and always at the perfect drinking temperature, avoiding the hassle that comes with cups, instant mixes, and pots.
★ Revolutionary insulated can label keeps your coffee hot and your hands cool.
★ Stays fresh in your Hotbox at 140 degrees 24/7 for up to 2 months.
★ With the patented conductive heating technology, the HotBox only applies heat to each can, so no power is wasted trying to keep the entire environment heated.
★ Featured on Shark Tank

Hotshot Canned Hot Chocolate, $29.99 (12 pk)
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Hotshot RTD hot chocolate is always hot and ready to enjoy, featuring real Belgian cocoa and high quality ingredients in the convenience of an insulated can.
As seen on Shark Tank, Hotshot canned hot chocolate uses the finest cocoa from Belgium to deliver a consistently rich deep flavor with a hint of creamy sweetness.
With Hotshot, a consistent, hot, and delicious beverage is always on hand, ready to grab and go without any hassle. Simply place your Hotshot cans in your Hot Box (sold separately) to store your hot chocolate day and night at 140 degrees, the perfect temperature to drink gourmet hot chocolate.
★ Includes 12 ready-to-drink cans of Hotshot Gourmet Hot Chocolate.
★ Made with real Belgian cocoa and high quality ingredients for a rich deep flavor with a hint of creamy sweetness.
★ Featured on Shark Tank.
★ Incredibly convenient and always at the perfect temperature, avoiding the hassle that comes with cups, instant mixes, and pots.
★ Enjoy warm comforting hot chocolate, in the convenience of a can.
★ In order to keep HotShot at the perfect drinking temperature without burning your hands, we’ve developed a revolutionary insulated label. Not unlike a drink cozy, the simple material keeps your hot chocolate hot and your hands cool.
★ Stays fresh in your Hotbox at 140 degrees 24/7 for up to 2 months.
★ Simply load up your Hotbox with Hotshot cans, turn it on & steamy hot chocolate will be ready to drink in no time! *Hotbox sold separately.
Enjoy hot delicious hot chocolate that’s ready to drink when you are! Order your 12 pack of Hotshot hot chocolate today.
Lingo British Slang Playing Cards, $18 & up
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At its historical peak, the British Empire covered a quarter of Earth’s land area and King George V ruled over 23% of the global population. Despite these impressive statistics, the Brits’ most (in)famous achievement was the butchering and subversion of the very language they invented! Which is exactly why Lingo British Slang cards are a necessity. The next time you’re in ol’ Blighty and fancy a chinwag in the local boozerbut have come up skint, these cards should help you get your hands on some plonk without looking as bent as a nine bob note. Cheers!

Lingo Spanish Playing Cards, $18 & up
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Did you know that more people around the world speak Spanish than English as their first language? Yup, half a billion folks say “sí” instead of “yes”, and “la cerveza es la bebida de los dioses” instead of “beer is the drink of the gods”. Get up to speed and cheers a Latino in their own language. Salud!

This deck includes 54 Spanish translations essential for travellers who want to immerse themselves in the culture they’re exploring – from everyday greetings and introductions, to eating out, moving around, or finding a place to stay. Practical phrases are accompanied by easy-to-learn pronunciation.

Pick up Spanish while playing cards!

Lingo Aussie Slang Playing Cards, $18 & up
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Ever overhear an Australian say something like “I was having a good old chin wag with me cobber, just piss-farting around”, and think WTF is this guy saying? With this deck of cards you’ll be able to make sense of the slang down under, and finally know what ‘fair dinkum’ really means. Who knows, you might even pick up a spunky sheila in the process.

Big League Chew Gumball Ornament, price varies
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A Big League Chew® plastic baseball Holiday Ornament filled with baseball treats.

3 Big League Chew individually wrapped Outta’ Here Original gum balls

1 baseball sticker sheet

Big League Chew, prices vary
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Sitting in a bullpen one summer night long ago, Portland Mavericks lefthander Rob Nelson came up with a fun new bubble gum idea: shredded gum in a pouch.  He called it Big League Chew.  Rob’s teammate, Jim Bouton, found a gum company to make Big League Chew, and in no time at all it became the “must-have” bubble gum for players of all ages.

Today, Big League Chew is still the fun gum that keeps your mouth from getting dry when the game is on the line.  It is the #1-selling shredded bubble gum in the world, with over 800 million pouches sold!

BLC Pouches are available at:

Five Below
Hobby Lobby

Pop Up Gift Boxes, Medium $9.95/Large $12.95
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Pop-Up Gift Boxesare launching in two sizes: medium (the size of the most popular gift bag), andlarge (the size of a shirt box). For the holidays they come in two patterns: agold and silver plaid and a snowflake design. Multiple gift tags are included.More designs for all occasions are planned for the Give Simply Pop-Up GiftBox line in 2019.

With instructions printed discretely on each box, it’s easyto create a perfectly wrapped gift. Just flatten, fold and finish. The boxbecomes part of the gift, since it’s reusable up to ten times and there’s no waste.

Give Simply Pop-Up GiftBoxes:

    • Are easy to assemble
    • Store flat
    • Eliminate the mess of wrapping paper rolls,ribbons,boxes, tape, etc.
    • Are great for traveling with gifts: Pack aPop-Up Gift Box to put together quicklyupon arrival at your destination
    • Are great for wrapping-challenged people
  • And, good for the environment; cutting down ongift wrap paper waste

Mediterranean Seasoning Collection from The Spice Lab, $29.99
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Mediterranean Citrus Herb: Dill and bright citrus notes, perfect for chicken, fish or vegetables.
French Onion + Garlic: Multipurpose seasoning- “the little black dress of the spice pantry.”
Spicy Italian Sun Dried Tomato: Versatile blend with chilies and umami-packed sun dried tomatoes.
Sicilian Blend: All around multipurpose Italian seasoning with a touch of extra heat.

The Sugar Lab Line of All Natural Sugars, $8 each
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Espresso: Sweet, robust coffee flavor- a secret ingredient for BBQ rubs.

Zesty Orange: Bright, sweet citrus flavor studded with granulated orange peel.

The Spice Lab has created a lie of all natural sugars. Use to decorate cookies and desserts, rim a cocktail glass, sprinkle on oatmeal or transform a glass of iced tea!

Cupright, $17.99
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Every new product has a story. The CUPRIGHT story is a simple one. Millions of people work at a desk each day, drink a beverage at their desk each day, and many spill a beverage at their desk each day. I know this for a fact, because I, and many of my colleagues are among those desk working drink spillers! 

Countless keyboards, cell phones and other electronics are destroyed every day, not to mention important documents, design or artwork and clothing. We spend our valuable time and money cleaning up spills, dropping stained clothing at the cleaners and apologizing to co-workers for interrupted meetings … until now!

When you think about it, your desk is already home to accessories that hold files, pens and clips – none of which will damage anything if knocked over. The CUPRIGHT cup holder is the only desk accessory that is beneficial for your desktop, and the only desktop accessory that you really need!

Simply put, using a CUPRIGHT cup holder to keep your cup stable and upright allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage without the fear of knocking it over and adding stress to your day.

CUPRIGHT, a cup holder for your desk, It just makes sense!

La San Marzano Marinara Sauce, prices vary
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Made with fresh Italian ingredients, La San Marzano’s marinara sauce is second to none. Known as the perfect addition to pasta, meat, chicken, or fish La San Marzano’s tomato sauces have been bringing families together for traditional home cooked meals since 1972. The fresh Italian ingredients used in this marinara sauce include peeled tomatoes, puree, olive oil, onions, sea salt, garlic, basil, black pepper, and oregano. Refrigerate after opening.

La San Marzano Four Cheese Sauce, prices vary
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Made with fresh Italian ingredients, La San Marzano’s four cheese sauce is second to none. Known as the perfect addition to pasta, meat, chicken, or fish La San Marzano’s sauces have been bringing families together for traditional home cooked meals since 1972. The fresh Italian ingredients used in this marinara sauce include peeled Tolatoes, purée, olive oil, onions, Dop Parmigiano Reggiano, cheese, whey, sea salt, carrots, sliced garlic, Dop Pecorino Romano, cheese, Dop Trentin Grana cheese, Dop Asiago cheese, black pepper, basil. Contains Lactose. Refrigerate after opening.

La San Marzano Arrabbiata Sauce, prices vary
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Made with fresh Italian ingredients, La San Marzano’s Arrabbiata sauce is second to none. Known as the perfect addition to pasta, meat, chicken, or fish La San Marzano’s tomato sauces have been bringing families together for traditional home cooked meals since 1972. The fresh Italian ingredients used in this arrabbiata sauce include peeled tomatoes, purée, olive oil, onions, sea salt, sliced garlic, basil, crushed red pepper, black pepper, oregano. Refrigerate after opening.

Steripod Kids Double Toothbrush Protector, $6.99
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To you, your kids are perfect. But to the rest of the world—their breath might not be. Protect your kids and keep them fresh and clean with Steripod Kids Toothbrush Protectors.

Steripod Kids Toothbrush Protector uses thymol – a safe ingredient found in many mouthwashes and oral antiseptics – and its patented design helps keep your toothbrush fresh and clean for up to three months.

Fits most manual and electric toothbrushes
Available in a rainbow of easy-to-color-code, glitter pod options
Perfect for use at home, on school trips or during family vacations
BPA-Free Gluten-Free

Steripod Feminine Kit, $27
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For when you want that fresh feeling all over, we’re introducing the Steripod Feminine Kit, which includes a 1-year supply of Steripod essentials.

Steripod is an innovative line that comes complete with a clip-on toothbrush protector to keep your bathroom essentials clean. The beautifully designed products can protect your toothbrush, razor and even your tongue. Best of all, the Steripod system is ideal for use at home or on-the-go. Steripod fits any standard or electric toothbrush. Simply clip the patented case on any standard or electric toothbrush, and its special thymol tablet goes to work to keep your toothbrush fresh and protected.

4 Steripod Toothbrush Protectors in Rose Gold, Pearl, Clear Purple and Clear Silver
2 Steripod Razor Protectors in Pink and Pearl
2 Steripod Tongue Cleaners in Pink and Pearl

Steripod Masculine Kit, $27
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For when you want that fresh feeling all over, we’re introducing the Steripod Masculine Kit, which includes a 1-year supply of Steripod essentials.

Steripod is an innovative line that comes complete with a clip-on toothbrush protector to keep your bathroom essentials clean. The beautifully designed products can protect your toothbrush, razor and even your tongue. Best of all, the Steripod system is ideal for use at home or on-the-go. Steripod fits any standard or electric toothbrush. Simply clip the patented case on any standard or electric toothbrush, and its special thymol tablet goes to work to keep your toothbrush fresh and protected for up to three months.


4 Steripod Toothbrush Protectors in Teal, Silver, Violet and Black Pearl
2 Steripod Razor Protectors in Teal and Blue
2 Steripod Tongue Cleaners in Blue and Pearl

Cravaat by Diner Wear, $24.95
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The Cravaat is a fashionable dining scarf adult bib that keeps your clothes clean while preserving your dignity. Discreet and sophisticated, it  looks, feels, and wears like other designer scarves, but is stain resistant and machine washable–and wrinkle resistant. Wipes clean with damp cloth. Soft, comfortable fit and covers the spill zone. Made with an elegant suede-like microfiber that has a tendency to repel liquids, but will ultimately absorb.

It measures 26″ long from back of neck to bottom x approx. 14″ wide across the chest (considering some overlap). It comes in an elegant organza bag. Saves time and money by protecting clothes from stains. Makes a great gift. Additional styles by DinerWear also available (Cravaat Wide, Cravaat Large, Cravaat II, Napkin at Your Neck).  Made in U.S.A.

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, $25.98
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Wyze Cam v2 delivers fast, clear, live stream footage direct to your smartphone via the Wyze App (iOS and Android), day or night. With motion and sound detection you can receive an alert anytime your Wyze Cam v2 detects sound and motion, and view up to 14 days of saved alert videos for free – no monthly fees or subscription required. Use the Wyze Cam v2’s new Motion Tagging feature to easily identify motion in both live stream and playback video modes. Plus, you can add an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB microSD card (sold separately) to enable continuous recording and schedule custom time lapse videos, and use 2-way audio to talk and listen through your Wyze Cam v2. Use the Wyze App to manage and view multiple cameras, share your cameras with other users, view alert videos, and record and share photos and videos directly from the app. With its small size, magnetic base, and flexible 3-axis design, the Wyze Cam v2 can go anywhere you need it. The Wyze Cam v2 must be powered to use (it does not have a battery), and is designed for indoor use (it is not weatherproof).

Grand Box, $33 & up
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Each month, the GrandBox team designs a new theme to build around. Whether it be Farmer’s Market Fun or Movie Night at the Drive-In, each care package is developed specifically for your senior parents, grandparents, and loved ones. Included is at least FIVE full size items (no samples) along with your family photos and personalized note.

Life On The Haskins Insanity Compound by Sarah Haskins, $5.91 & Up
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This is a comical real life, no filter telling of a mom surviving the insanity of family life. It takes more than studies, facts, and ‘how to’ advice on structure and discipline to raise a family. There are parents on the verge of pulling their hair out and ready for a book that reaches to the very core of understanding parenting insanity. Here is a book that will get them through their trials and tribulations, teaching them the need to ‘lean on humor’ through their own journey.

This book is a written and illustrated journey through 2016 told from a mother’s perspective, with crass anecdotal journal entries, 21 unique parenting tips, and focuses on raising three children, ages ranging from 8-13 years old, while maintaining a not-so-fairy tale, but very comedic and loving relationship with her husband. This book solidly uses real life scenarios to draw encouragement and perspective from.

Ease Magnesium Spray, $39 for 8oz
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EASE Magnesium is a natural solution that enters your bloodstream through your skin. Each spray delivers approximately 22 mg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate, encouraging a sense of relaxation and calm.

Regular use restores healthy magnesium levels and promotes calcium absorption. Each bottle of EASE is filled to the top with nothing but 100% pure iMCH™, our all-natural, bioavailable magnesium. Unlike other transdermal magnesium products, EASE does not cause stinging, burning or itching and will not leave a residue on the skin.

Special Edition Sharpie Packs, Prices vary
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▶ CHRIS PAUL and the CHRIS PAUL FAMILY FOUNDATION are striving to positively impact individuals and families by leveling the playing field in education, sports and life.

▶ ALEX MORGAN and UNICEF Kid Power are forwarding the mission to provide nutrition for malnourished children around the world.

▶ AARON JUDGE and the #ICANHELP are working to educate and empower students to use social media positively.

▶ AARON RODGERS and WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT® (WWP) are helping to honor and empower wounded veterans.

Humble Brands Deodorant, $8.95

Humble contains four to five organic and all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce (and might, in fact, have in your own kitchen). Humble is both effective and safe, containing no aluminum or parabens while still keeping you dry and free of offensive odors. We take the care to manufacture our deodorant in small batches right here in America. With the fewest ingredients of any deodorant on the market, Humble is the simple solution to a stinky problem.

Moon Cheese, $4.99 and up

We Crunchify 100% natural cheese into the tastiest all cheese snack possible (on this planet at least). Moon Cheese™ contains all the goodness of cheese, and is a perfect on-the-go healthy snack with no refrigeration required! Moon Cheese™ has all the flavor and nutrition of real cheese because it is really just cheese! Moon Cheese™ hits the spot for indulging alone but of course we encourage you to share your Moon Cheese™ generously. Moon Cheese is: Gluten Free, High in Protein, 100% Natural, Excellent Source of Calcium, 100% Just Cheese – No Additives or Starches, Low Carb.

type A Deodorant, $10.00

When we set out to raise the bar on ‘natural’ deodorants, we asked ourselves, what does this mean? Paying attention to every detail. Overachieving expectations. And never settling for mediocre product performance. By making safe + high-performance deodorant, type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring #cleanbeauty to the mainstream. Powered by natural ingredients, our aluminum-free deodorant is formulated with sweat-activated technology™ for long-lasting odor and wetness protection.

Putty Scents MashUps, $9.95

Introducing Putty Scents MashUps, an exciting new and unique line of scented putty that lets you combine multiple putty scents into one classic combination. You’ll not only enjoy the scent and custom color of each putty on its own, but after mixing, you’ll be delighted when you smell and see the final result. Our soft and pliable putty is the popular sensory tool that’s great for kneading, molding, stretching—and now with amazing aromas, too! PB&J includes peanut butter and grape jelly scented putties. Collect them all!

Aqua Notes, $7.00

The product is designed to withstand exposure to wet environments. Water simply beads up and rolls off AquaNotes. Each 3.5 by 5.25 inch pad has 40 sheets of paper and each sheet is perforated for easy removal. AquaNotes easily and quickly attaches to any smooth surface with two suction cups that are secured with a stem-based cap. Pencils are secured with a suction cup pencil holder that provides convenient access whenever the need arises to write down an idea while you’re in the shower. AquaNotes pads, pencils, and all its components are entirely made and assembled in the USA.

The Dollar Brush, $2.99 and up

We’re The Dollar Brush. It’s no secret that electric toothbrushes are recommended by dentists because they encourage better brushing. But the market is crowded with expensive options often filled with extra features promoted as quick-fix gimmicks. We’ve stripped those away and eliminated backend, middlemen, and retail $$$ markups. $2.99 monthly + a one time shipping fee. Along with a premium electric toothbrush, we’ll send you brush heads delivered straight to your door. Subscribe today!

Uncommon Laundry Wool Dryer Balls, $14.99

Introducing the first wool dryer balls made for dark loads. We’ve eliminated the problem of white wool dryer ball lint that sticks to your dark clothes. Instead, you get naturally soft, lint-free laundry. We all know that wool dryer balls help dry your laundry up to 30% faster, they’re organic, re-usable, soften your clothes and reduce wrinkles and static without the expense (and mystery ingredients) you get with throw away dryer sheets. But until now, most have been WHITE. Even grey dryer balls leave lint you can see on your dark clothes. What’s the point of faster drying if you have to spend time picking white and grey dryer ball lint off your laundry?? Our NO LINT dryer balls are designed to ELIMINATE the problem of white dryer ball lint that sticks to your dark clothes. And they’re the perfect 7″ circumference – use 3 balls for small loads, more for larger ones. The more you use, the better they work!!


Moms, Father and Grandfathers have chased us around with a video camera our whole life at home, on Vacations and for special events, many of these are locked away in old VHS, VHS-C and Beta tapes. Our Video Conversion and Audio Conversion products enable you to transfer your old VHS, VHS-C, Beta and other analog format Video, as well as cassette and Phonograph records, to DVD and digital formats – thus saving space, organizing your collections and most importantly – Saving Your Precious Memories, and enabling you to share them!  Have your old football tapes, TV recorded games, or other old memories deteriorating, convert them now.

Shabby Chick Natural Laundry Detergent, $11.99 and up

Are your clothes dingy and fading? Do you have hard water? Shabby Chick‘s all natural laundry soap is the solution! Our all natural laundry soap combats hard water to leave your clothes looking bright and smelling oh so yummy! Customers just can’t get enough! Our laundry soap is one of our best selling products for a reason; it’s AH-Mazing. This stuff is a super creamy, condensed, ‘laundry butter’. Through a proprietary process of hand making solesiefe soap, mixing the cured soap with pure sea salt, certified natural baking and washing sodas, borax, and essential oils, Shabby Chick handcrafts every batch of laundry butter to exacting standards. It only takes one tablespoon per full load of clothes! HE front loading washers work great when you just add the laundry soap directly to the clothes, just like in a conventional washer. One pouch will do 65+ (more like 70) loads of laundry! Eliminate buying stain pre-treater! Just rub a dab of your favorite laundry butter into stubborn stains and run ’em through the wash. Our laundry soaps are made of all natural products, so they do not irritate the skin like detergents. We do not use any alcohol or synthetic fragrances. Not only will your clothes look amazing but they will smell clean without exposing you and your family to toxic chemicals. Because our product is made with all natural ingredients, they are safe for septic systems and the environment. Everybody wins!

The Original Memory Mittens, $40 and up

A customer orders a memory mitten box to their home.Inside each box you’ll find instructions, a personalization form and a shipping bag to mail us your sweaters. Once received, we review your personalization form, follow-up with any questions and then get to work! Your Original Memory Mittens are shipped back to you in 2-4 weeks.  Cost: Adult: $50/Pair– Children: $40/Pair

Jack and Mary Mittens, $44

Jack & Mary mittens are created from recycled wool sweaters, lined with cozy fleece and finished with a button. These mittens are very warm and versatile. These mittens are wonderful for adventuring outside, walking the dog, driving, jogging, biking or just plain looking cute!

Can-O-Grams, $15.99

Can-O-Grams are an amusing alternative for a gift card or box. These smartly designed cans can be filled with money, candy, gift cards, small gifts or anything that will fit. Once sealed, the only way to acquire the treasure inside is to pop the top! Each can includes a self-sealing bottom, attached after the Can-O-Gram is filled with goodies. Each set includes three cans: Large can = 4”D x 5.5”H, Medium can = 3.25”D x 5”H, Small can = 3”D x 4.25”H.


The “Suited Up In Santa” Edition of the Gifts of Gab Embellishment kit includes three jolly Christmas Santas that are fun to build, and even more fun to give! Each booklet is filled with three complete mix-and-match Santa gift box or bag decals and cutouts, with easy-to-adhere pieces and parts. It’s now child’s play to turn a simply wrapped box or plain gift bag into a cheerful and festive Santa!

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips, $66.99 MSRP

Crest 3D White Whitestrips are The Way to Whiten. Why pay for professional teeth whitening treatments? Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips are just as effective, because they’re formulated with the same enamel-safe ingredients dentists use. Usage: Apply once a day for 30 minutes. You’ll start seeing a whiter smile after three days, with full results in 20.

Oral-B Pro-Health Jr Disney Frozen Pulsar Toothbrush, $5

This Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Pulsar manual toothbrush is the perfect kids toothbrush for a healthy, thorough clean. While their smiles continue to grow and develop, there’s no better time to start healthy oral care habits. This Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Pulsar toothbrush has soft vibrating bristles that penetrate between teeth to reach stain buildup and break up plaque. Plus, the split head design moderates the amount of pressure applied to your kids’ teeth and gums. Contouring to your kids’ unique smile, the Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Pulsar toothbrush will leave their smile bright and clean with every use.


Introducing new Gum Detoxify from Crest. There are millions of harmful plaque bacteria that can lurk around the gum line causing gingivitis. Crest Gum Detoxify Gentle Whitening Toothpaste has an activated foam formula that penetrates hard to reach places to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria even around the gum line, for clinically proven healthier gums. It is also formulated to cool gums during and after brushing for are refreshing clean. Because if you’re not taking care of your gums, you’re not really taking care of your mouth.

Enviro-Log Firelogs, $21.99 and up

Known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute.  They are quick and easy to light and don’t need a firestarter.  Enviro-Log Firelogs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard and when compared to firewood, Enviro-Log Firelogs burn cleaner, emitting 30 percent less greenhouse gases, 80 percent less carbon monoxide and 86 percent less creosote.  Enviro-Log Firelogs can also be stored and burned in all weather conditions and can be transported for camping, fishing, RVing, tailgating and other outdoor activities without the concern of restrictions imposed on firewood by some states and campsites.  Enviro-Log Firelogs are also great for emergency preparedness because they have an infinite shelf life and are safe to cook over.  They are also a popular choice for fire pits, wood stoves, chimineas, and campfires.  They come in 5-pound and 3-pound sizes and are available at select retailers, including Home Depot, Kmart, Lowes, True Value, Rite Aid, Sears, Whole Foods and Walmart.  Each 5-pound firelog will burn up to 3 hours and each 3-pound firelog will burn up to 2 hours.

Enviro-Log Firestarters, $12.99

Enviro-Log Firestarters are made from 100 percent recycled eco-friendly wax and offer an alternative to kindling, paper, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol-based gels.  Each firestarter provides up to 20 minutes of burn time with tall and consistent flames that can even light firewood that has been dampened with light snow or rain..  Burned to completion, each firestarter is 100 percent consumed and leaves no mess to clean up.  Ideal for back packing, hiking, camping, fishing or tailgating, and emergency preparedness, Enviro-Log Firestarters provide a safe, clean and environmentally friendly way to start a fire anywhere.  They come in boxes of 8 and 24 starts and can be purchased at select retail locations, including Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Rite Aid, The Home Depot (Northeast Region) and many regional grocery and hardware retailers.

Body Glide, $4.99 and up

Body Glide is a protective skincare brand that stops rubbing and friction in its tracks. The natural, non-greasy, water-resistant formula comes in an easy-to-use stick and stays exactly where it’s applied. While hypoallergenic and made with plant-derived ingredients, this product is also safe for sensitive skin. Even dermatologists recommends this invisible protection for all of your fitness activities.

Skinny Coconut Oil, prices vary

Skinny & Co. believes you should never have to sacrifice health for beauty.Voted one of Oprah’s top products for going green 2018, they make the ONLY 100% raw, sustainably sourced, small batch, chemical free, preservative free and hand crafted coconut oil in the world – full of active nutrients for your body – inside and out. They also have a gifting collection Tasalli as well!

Wax RX, $34.95

Wax Rx a professional-grade ear wax cleaning system that is safe enough to use in the comfort of your own home. With a super easy 3-step process, your ear wax blockage should be a thing of the past in just one use. Now you can buy the same ear washing system used by doctors without the costly bill afterwards. Avoid the expensive doctor’s visit and cleanse your ears at home.

BambuLife Socks, $11.95

The softest and best fitting socks you’ll ever wear, these socks are odor-resistant and wick moisture away. The non-slip tab keeps socks in place, while the arch grip design provides unmatched support. And with our Cloud Sole Cushioning® technology, you’ll have extra comfort from heel to toe whether you’re on the go or just lounging at home.

Floor Register Trap, $11.95

Save time, money and aggravation with the floor register trap. It fits easily under existing floor registers to catch any debris, toys, food, pet hair, money, keys and jewelry. It’s easy to install and remove for cleaning. Simply remove from register and empty contents. You can even rinse under water as needed. The floor register trap will not inhibit airflow and is made of plastic and nylon for durability. It’s ideal for parents with young children and pet owners.

SprinJene Toothpaste, $5.99

We are  are the only toothpastes on the market to have all of the following five certifications: vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, animal cruelty-free.SprinJene Natural® toothpastes are free-from: SLS, animal byproducts, artificial dyes and preservatives and saccharine. Their efficacy is made possible by natural, quality ingredients, such as coconut oil, acacia gum and birch tree xylitol. Kids, Fluoride-free and Sensitivity options are available. Every SprinJene toothpaste features and innovative, patented blend of black seed oil and zinc. Zinc works as a natural antibacterial agent to help prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight gingivitis (gum disease), Black Seed Oil causes the Zinc to adhere to teeth and gums and keep working long after your brush your teeth. Unlike many toothpastes, SprinJene is made with fine, round shaped microsilica, versus the traditional coarse, sharp edged silica found in most mainstream toothpastes. Microsilica is safer on enamel and gums and cleans and whitens teeth gently.

Living DNA Ancestry Kit, $99

A Living DNA test brings your history to life and provides over twice the detail of other ancestry tests. Discover where your ancestors come from and much more. Using your DNA, we can show you where your ancestors come from. With Living DNA, we can do this in the most detail possible, more than twice that of any other test. And it’s all done using a simple mouth swab. Your family ancestry looks at both your recent ancestry from all sides of your family broken down across up to 80 worldwide regions, and then allows you to explore this at different times in history. Developed with world leading academics it provides twice the detail of any other test. After you receive your results we will share all future ancestry updates, latest information and technology with you. We work closely with scientists and academics who are constantly updating data about DNA. All this is done in privacy, no information will be shared without your permission.
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SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition Vape Starter Kit, $84.95

SMOK has released what is considered to be the finest offering in their renowned G-Priv series with the stunning SMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition. This excellent device was made to offer a wide array of features and upgrades, all from a beautifully-designed, high-style mod. The exterior was crafted with an angular look and a gleaming prismatic-plated exterior, with a cobra-scale resin design over the battery cover. Several gorgeous colorway options are available. The Luxe is powered by SMOK’s latest technology, allowing for a maximum of 230 watts of pure power, further enhanced by the device’s advanced temperature control suite, with adjustable TCR and the highly-appreciated preheat ability. The mod has a clear, bold, 2” screen created with reinforced glass that is both shock-resistant and shatterproof. The resolution is exceptional, and it is one of the clearest screens on a mod to date as a result of the IPS 200 PPI resolution, delivering amazing navigation. This marvel of a mod is then paired with the TFV12 Prince sub ohm SMOK vape tank, to maximize its performance capabilities. This blazing tank offers 8ml of vape juice capacity, an innovative top fill design with a button-lock hinge, and is powered by the coils from SMOK’s famed Prince coil family. The performance is nonstop with this starter kit; you will not find a more well-designed setup than the SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition Starter Kit, combining the highest level of vaping with luxurious style. Get yours today!
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VaporFi Candy Shop Vape Juice Bundle (160ML), $49.99

Who can escape the fun and deliciousness of a candy vape? Cloud Candy and Joosylicious round out this collection, offering amazingly tasty vapor! Cloud Candy is comprised of the finest blend of gummy bears, cotton candy, pomegranate, and lemon-lime, for a taste that is wildly refreshing and loaded with candy-goodness. Joosylicious is all about that true-to-form bubblegum flavor, with the additions of strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon to keep it juicy. This bundle is loaded with 160ml of awesome candy-inspired vape flavors, so if you’re looking for a candy fix, we’ve got what you need right here in the Candy Shop!

VaporFi Decadent Delight
Vape Juice Bundle (120ML), $45.99

This bundle offers about as much delicious vape juice as you could possibly handle, in a very sizeable quantity. Fulfill those cravings for rich, decadent flavor with 60ml sized bottles of each of these amazing creations: Bites Vanilla Caramel and Raspberry Mocha. As some of our most revered and popular flavors, the larger bottle sizes mean you will be vaping happily for quite some time. Bites Vanilla Caramel presents a rich, ice cream-inspired taste, featuring smooth, luscious vanilla ice cream blended with Bavarian cream, and a swirl of the most intense caramel. Raspberry Mocha offers a coffee vape like none other. Combining fine flavors such as rich espresso, steamed milk, dark chocolate, and ripe raspberries, this vape juice is nothing short of sensational. Together, these mind-blowing liquids offer 120ml of vape goodness; get yours today and savor the indulgence!

Paper Love Cards, $10

The best Christmas gift for anyone special, or give it along with a gift to your loved ones, or just mail it to your colleague or best friend.This beautiful Paper Love Christmas Gift Box Card features a green Gift Box filled with gifts and candy. The cover is metallic brown and features an artistic laser cut Christmas gifts themed design. The card is flat when folded, the recipient will definitely be surprised when the card unexpectedly pops up as they open it.

Brew-Aha, $19.95

Brew-AHA is a card game designed to get people talking! Featuring 150 cards in a unique container (shaped like a coffee cup, of course!), each card contains a question designed to get you talking. This game is made for those who love learning about others, and who enjoy a great conversation! Brew-AHA is suitable for all ages (there isn’t any ‘Adult Only’ content). Perfect for get-togethers with friends and family.

The Card Caddy, $5.99 and up

The ONLY playing card case which converts to a discard tray so you can play a game of cards anywhere, anytime. The Single Decker holds a standard 54 card deck or up to 40 sleeved collectible cards. The Double Decker holds 2+ standard card decks or 60 double-sleeved trading cards. Available in 6 colors, or order two cases to mix and match your case for your own personal style.

Tinker Towel Bar, $79.99

It has become apparent that the only way to keep your towels fresh without washing them multiple times a week is to redesign the bathroom towel bar. The Tinker Towel Bar is a towel bar unlike any other you have seen before. The Tinker Towel Bar is designed to expose your towel to as much air as possible. With your towel wrapped nearly 360 degrees around the bar, you are allowing it to dry faster and save space. Each Tinker Towel towel bar holds one towel and has a single mounting point designed to actually dry your towel faster, keeping it fresh for longer in smaller spaces than you ever could before.

Pecans Almonds Walnuts Chocolate Pizza, $18.95 and up

Considered our “classic” Chocolate Pizza because along with a plain version it was one of the original offerings. Gourmet milk or dark chocolate is blended with homemade English toffee, poured into a genuine pizza pan and topped with crisp, crunchy pecans, almonds and walnuts before being finished with white chocolate drizzle. Sealed in clear cellophane and presented in a custom pizza box.

Peanut Butter Wings, $10.95 and up

Featured on Food Network and delivering a one-of-a-kind taste sensation, Peanut Butter Wings® are everyone’s favorite! We take crisp, rippled potato chips, cover them in creamy peanut butter and dip in rich milk chocolate for an insanely good treat. These are consistently a top-seller and for good reason – they are delicious! 8 oz. Sealed in cellophane for up to 6 months of freshness.

Ongo Energy Spray, $23

OnGo Energy Max is the perfect energy boost — anytime, anywhere. Three sprays delivers the impact of a typical energy drink, with 60 sprays in each go-everywhere bottle. That’s 20 servings and a 2 week supply per bottle!

We Wish You a Poopy Christmas, $14.95

Curl up by the fire with some steaming hot chocolate and listen to Fudgy the Poopman offer his unique take on your favorite Christmas tales. You’re probably familiar with Rudolph and his red-nose; but in this book, you hear how Christmas was saved by Rupert, whose case of IBS has left him with a shining red spot on the opposite end of his reindeer body. Like an overindulgent holiday feast, this is the gift that just keeps giving. Packaged as a high quality hardcover and fully illustrated in bright colors (as well as brown), the holiday reboots include Silent but Deadly Night, The Nutcracker’s Dilemma, and The Twelve Days of Poopmas.

GoodSalt, $5.50

GoodSalt is a low sodium iodized salt that tastes like regular salt. The sodium content in GoodSalt is replaced by essential minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Lysine and Iodine. This powerful combination of minerals helps to protect users from LVH salt damage, maintain cardiac rhythm and lowers blood pressure. There’s no need to re-measure; you can use it in your daily cooking and on popcorn gram for gram!

Paleo By Maleo, $39 and up

Each month you will receive an assortment of 5-8 crowd-pleasing Paleo foods and snacks. Items can include sweets (cookies, bars, dried fruit, etc.), savory snacks (jerky, nuts, chips, etc.), and ingredients (sauces/spreads, wraps, etc.). You’ll be billed immediately for your first purchase and then your box will auto-renew on the 20th of every first, third, or sixth month, depending on your subscription type. You can cancel at anytime. We’ve already read the labels—so you don’t have to. We promise ALL the products that we offer will be 100% PALEO—GRAIN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, ADDITIVE-FREE, and REFINED SUGAR-FREE!

Panic Aide, $8.99

Panic Aide™ is a quick drink to help stop your panic so you can calm down.  Drink 1 oz or 1/2 a bottle and that should do it, but we are all different. Some panic attacks may require a full bottle, and that is safe as well. It is quick acting with all natural ingredients, including lavender, chamomile and GABA just to name a few. Another ingredient is Phyto Complex also known as CBD. Several studies point to the potential benefits of CBD for anxiety.


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